Van Merlenstraat 65c
2518 TC Den Haag


070 326 3272
06 1414 2474


ING 7233546
k'dans  Den Haag




Guarantee for q u a l i t y in movement. The classes are enjoyable for everyone, at k'dans in The Hague you will feel at home. At k'dans you work on your condition and your O…lijfje with a time-table full of fun lessons with the emphasis on stamina, strength, agility, coordination and the constitution of body and mind.

At k'dans:

  • we offer you various courses with different levels
  • you can choose those lessons that wil suit you
  • we reserve a place on fixed class hours
  • we have monthly subscription and fee per lesson and fair prices
  • we have 2 studio's and a room for private training
  • are all lessons under the sound guidance of our established resident *T.O.P. (guest) teachers
  • you move with pleasure
  • we have free child care during a few morning lessons 
  • we also train outside and at the beach in the summer
  • the members come all around the region Den Haag
  • you willl feel full of energy when you leave


Basic Lessons (BL) Yoga lessons Pilates lessons     
aerobics Do-In yoga group lesson mat
BBB-circuit Hatha yoga group lesson reformer
BBB-extra Vinyasa yoga private lesson
BBB high-low choreo workshops duet lesson
GLADIATOR Dance lessons cadillac / chair / barrels
l-e-v-e-l 1 modern dance Education
STEP-combi-interval stretch and dance workshops
Total work-out workshops inhouse trainingen
Variation lectures
Zumba masterclasses
workshops education
K'dans Studio in Beweging
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