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Datum: 22 april
Kosten (excl. 21% BTW): €215

Date: 22nd of April
Time: 2PM - 5PM
Instructor Trainer: 
Location: K'dans studio 'in beweging' - van Merlenstraat 65C, Den haag 
Course fees: €215

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Information about the workshop:

All tissue in the body can adapt and change with the right input and time, but for Ehlers Danlos Syndromes, strength and mobility is a delicate balance when there is too much mobility or segmental instability.

In this workshop, Melanie will discuss the structural components that determine the body’s mobility---genetics, collagen structure, and fascia—-and she will address EDS and hypermobility syndromes and the latest research surrounding this topic.  Take an in-depth look at the causes and consequences of hypermobility, and how Pilates and mindful exercise can be used to restore control. This in-depth workshop is designed for experienced movement and health professionals with a Pilates practice. It will provide practical reasoning, modifications, and programming to go along with the science of movement.