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Datum: 16 april
Kosten (excl. 21% BTW): €135

Date: 16th of April
Time: 2:30PM-5:30PM
Instructor Trainer: 
Location: K'dans studio 'in beweging' - van Merlenstraat 65C, Den haag 
Course fees: €135,-

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STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning: Performance Enhancing Progressions and Sequences

Experience new movement sequences and progressions that will build strength and endurance, improve movement health and enhance athletic preparedness. Based on an understanding of the concepts of Activation, Conditioning, Endurance and Recovery, four key components of athletic conditioning, this workshop reviews traditional approaches to performance-based training, introduces and highlights newer methodology and concepts and explores how they can be combined with the STOTT PILATES® Movement System. Created by the Merrithew® Programming team, this workshop demonstrates innovative ways of structuring and designing a mat-based program for the everyday athlete and beyond.


Specialty tracks

  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Group Matwork

Learning objectives

  1. Receive greater insight into various training methodologies and concepts that can complement the STOTT PILATES repertoire.
  2. Gain greater understanding and clarification of commonly used terminology related to performance-based athletic conditioning.
  3. Explore and experience movement patterns and sequences to activate, engage and integrate the whole body.