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Datum: 21 april
Kosten (excl. 21% BTW): €135

Date: 21st of April
Time: 2:30PM-6:30PM
Instructor Trainer: 
Location: K'dans studio 'in beweging' - van Merlenstraat 65C, Den haag 
Course fees: €135,-

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STOTT PILATES® Ultimate Back Care 4 hours

Statistically, more than half of the adult population experiences lower back pain, either acute or ongoing, at some point in their lives. Matwork-based Pilates exercises can be a valuable tool in the prevention and care of lower back problems. Developed by the MerrithewTM programming team in keeping with current research, this workshop focuses on exercise modifications that can be beneficial in a number of circumstances. Major focus is placed on creating awareness and endurance of the local stabilizers of the lumbar spine and pelvic region. Although individual injuries are not covered, generalizations for specific exercise prescriptions are reviewed as a foundation for program development. Exercise choices for the prevention of back injuries and scope of practice concerns are also discussed.


  1. Learn why and how STOTT PILATES® exercise can be beneficial for back problems.
    2. Understand the STOTT PILATES Principles and how they relate to back problems.
    3. Review exercise choice and program development for the care and prevention of back issues.
  2. Discuss recent research regarding lumbo-pelvic stabilization.