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Datum: n.t.b.
Kosten (excl. 21% BTW): €335,00
Duur: 1 dag

Opleiding: HALO Foundation

Tijd: 10:15 - 18:00
Instructor Trainer:  
Locatie: K'dans
Kosten: opleiding €335,00 | materiaal: inclusief manual € (prijzen excl. BTW)
Maximaal aantal deelnemers: 12

HALO ® Training foundation course part 1 : 0.7 CEC

Halo® Training is a multi-functional and three-dimensional exercise program that incorporates the
science of core-integrated bodyweight training with the use of the Halo® Trainer Plus and Stability
BallTM. The program offers exercises that follow unique progressions or regressions designed to
increase functional strength and stability for a client at any level of condition from rehab through to
athletic performance training.

Part 1 of the Halo Training Instructor Foundation Course provides groundwork education for
Instructors, facilitating safe, effective and varied core-integrated body weight training programs,
using the unique design of the Halo Trainer Plus, Stability BallTM and a Resistance LoopTM band. More
than just a prop, the Halo Trainer Plus is featured as the basis for a complete training program
allowing instructors to manipulate exercise attributes and intensity in individual training plans for
Level 1 clients. The course presents the concepts of interval training principles and variables, the
theories of both timed and repetition-based programs, and exercise sequences that are applicable to
any healthy client new to Halo Training. Discover the model for movement mastery in this interactive
learning session and take away a plethora of detailed exercises in eight complete workouts, including
one designed for a group class setting.



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