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Let him who wants to move the world first move himself.

K'dans offers all education of the STOTT PILATES ® education since more than 15 years.

We guide and help students to become teachers and become certified in the internationally regocognized STOTT PILATES ® , to understand and deepen their knowlegde about this movement Method. Students who completed their education are succesfull in the field , they open their own studio's and / or work on location.

It is one of the most extensive education being offered internationally.


The STOTT PILATES community is great group of students and teachers with a common goal:

  • By teaching movement following the 6 STOTT PILATES Principles helping people to move as efficient and painfree as possible.
  • Our highly skilled educated teachers have an eye for detail and a professional view on movement patterns. They can develop a movement program specified for a specific student/ clients on all levels.


De STOTT PILATES ®methode consists  of 11 modules:

Modules Days   Modules Days
Intensive Mat PLUS (IMP)   Advanced MAT (AM)   1
Intensive Reformer (IR)   10 Advanced Reformer (AR)  3
Intensive Barrels (IBRL) Advanced Barrels (ABRL)  1/2
Intensive Cadillac (ICAD)   Advanced Cadillac (ACAD) 1
Intensive Chair (ICHR) Advanced Chair (ACHR) 1/2
Injury and special Populations (ISP)      

Next to the hours with the Instructor Trainer extra hours for every module need to be fulfilled  : practise / observation and teachinghours.


Every STOTT PILATES ® module is built upon these foundations.

  • 6 STOTT PILATES® principles
  • Essence of the exercises
  • Biomechanical principles
  • What , why and how of the exercise based on anatomical principles.
  • Modifications per exercise.
  • Use of props
  • Postural Assesment
  • Programming
  • Teaching skills
  • Self practise
  • Teaching privates and groups
  • Update anatomy


The STOTT PILATES® Training program

  • The student starts with IMP or IR , after completion you can develop your path in collaboration with the Instructor Trainer
  • After a succesfull practical and written exam you can achieve your international certificate in STOTT PILATES ® Mat  and / or Reformer .
  • Only after completing IMP and / or IR you can apply for  IBRL ABRL, ICAD ACAD, ICHR ACHR.
  • Welcome to join ISP after completion of a minimum of IMP and / or IR .
  • Next tot the extensive hours with the Instructor Trainer you fulfill extra observation / practical and teachinghours, specified per module.
  • To become a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES instructor ( all 11 modules and exams) the timeframe  in general is a minimum of two years.
  • The STOTT PILATES education modules are accredited by the PPN : Pilates Professionals of The Netherlands ( branche organization)


K'dans, studio'in beweging ' is the only Licenced Training center of STOTT PILATES® in The Netherlands.

Next to Jolanda Hoefnagel ( highly skilled and experienced P.E. teacher with a background in biomechanics and movement) we invite Guest Instrudtor Trainers from all over the world to teach at K'dans. Prerequisites to apply for the education: Pilates movement experience, updated knowlegde of anatomy and teachingexperience ( in another method).

We invite interested students to apply and make the next step. If you are interested, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we are happy to meet up or call to answer your questions and add additional information about the courses. We offer the students to observe classes, use the space and equipment and guide you towards the exams.

Where we share our knowlegde we can reach out to more people to embody this amazing method.

Feel free to ask for the bridging options if you have done (part of) another Pilates education, you can start with IMP or IR.


Intensive Mat-Plus™ - C.E.C. 4,0

Start date: November 17th 2023 (FULL) and April 12 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €980,00
Duration: 8 days
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Intensive Reformer™ - C.E.C. 5,0

Start date: Feb 9th 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €1425,00
Duration: 10 days
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Intensive Cadillac™ - C.E.C. 2,5

Start date: March 22nd 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €875,00
Duration: 5 days
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Intensive Chair™ - C.E.C. 1,5

Start date: Jan 19th 2024 (FULL)
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €525,00
Duration: 3 days
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Intensive Barrels™ - C.E.C. 1,0

Start date: Autumn 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): 350,00
Duration: 2 days
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Advanced MAT - C.E.C. 0,6

Start date: 16th of March 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €180,00
Duration: 1 day
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Advanced Reformer - C.E.C. 1,8

Start date: to be determined
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €630,00
Duration: 3 days
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Advanced Cadillac - C.E.C. 0,6

Start date: Autumn 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €210,00
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Advanced Stability Chair™ - C.E.C. 0,3

Start date: to be determined
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €105,00
Duration: 1 day
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Advanced Barrels™ - C.E.C. 0,3

Start date: Autumn 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €105,00
Duration: 1 day
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Injury Special Populations® - C.E.C. 2,4

Start date: Sep 2024
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €925,00
Duration: 4 days
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HALO Foundation® - C.E.C. 0,7

Start date: to be determined
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €297,00
Duration: 1 day
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Exam dates STOTT PILATES® certification


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