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Let him who wants to move the world first move himself.

For more than ten years now, K’dans has taken care of the STOTT PILATES® training courses. Having been host center, we became the only Licensed Training Center for STOTT PILATES® in The Netherlands in 2013. With our own two Instructor Trainers and guest trainers from around the world, we train students for the international STOTT PILATES® certificate. Interested students can apply per module and continue onwards, one step at a time. In addition, we offer students the possibility to observe classes, tuition up to the exam and use of the studio and aparatus. Sharing our knowledge means we are able to reach more people who can then familiarise themselves with this beautifully conscious manner of movement. Would you like to know the conditions? Please mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Intensive Mat-Plus™ - C.E.C. 4,0

Start date: September 4th 2020
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €950
Duration: 8 days
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Advanced MAT™ - C.E.C. 0,6

Start date: October 25th
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €180,00
Duration: 1 day
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Advanced Reformer™ - C.E.C. 1,8

Start date: October 9th 2020
Costs (excluding 21% VAT): €585,00
Duration: 3 days
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Exam dates STOTT PILATES® certification

Start date: October 8th and 23th and November 6th


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