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Spetter pieter pater , lekker in het water.
Jodokus Kwak

TRIAL lessons: Workout & yoga + dance: do 2 trial lessons for €10,00! Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up.


Yoga literally means ‘connection’, its main purpose being unifying the body, mind and soul. The positions in Yoga make the body supple and powerful and promote your concentration. In a Yoga class, a lot of attention is given to relaxation and a positive mind-set. All you need are comfortable clothing and an open attitude! The classes are given in groups and the instructors have all had long-term training and the necessary experience, so care and quality are guaranteed.

Do-In Yoga focuses on the possibilities of your body, by moving in a gentle manner. Do-In literally means ‘the way inside’, the way which leads to personal growth and development. Do-In Yoga originates from Japan and relieves pain and stiffness, provides a haven of quiet for your mind and bodily space. You literally feel better in your own skin. Characteristic is the alternation between meditation and movement, concentration and fun, yin and yang. This class is accessible to all levels of experience.

Hatha Yoga is the main branch of yoga - which itself originated 5000 years ago in India - and became the most well-known in the western hemisphere. Using aligned positions (asanas), conscious breathing and mental concentration and relaxation, you attain balance between body and mind.

Natural Movement is a meditation through movement; a search for power through gentleness, body and motion awareness. There is attention tot transitions; how you pass from one asana to the next, but also to what happens in between the asanas. It makes sure you are very aware and feel the connection with breathing, space and body: you are in the here and now. We go in search of the physical possibilities of your body and you move yourself away from your comfort zone, with great pleasure. Natural Movement is yoga without a mat and is suitable for everyone.

Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful, dynamic form of yoga and is the most intensive yoga form available at K’dans. This is a class for people who want to take on the challenging positions in order to get FIT. This intensive class is, however, suitable for almost all levels of experience and fitness (also for those with back complaints), because every position offers various options, whereby you can choose the level which most suits you.


Modern Dance classes give the dancers as well as instructor the space to discover and experience different aspects of modern dance styles. With our monthly change of guest instructors from all corners, within and without The Netherlands, there is a constant stream of positive energy and we’ll dance…dance…dance.

Classical Ballet is a class for those who have some experience of Classical Ballet classes. Based on the ballettechniques and inspiring music you become aware of your posture and develop a strong and flexible body. The barre is ready for you on Friday evenings.

NIA, JOY of Movement is a workout, combining dance, martial arts and relaxation techniques. Every lesson is an invitation to come home to your body and experience the pleasure of movement. You can expect a smile, quickened pulse and the release of tension in your body. NIA gives you a strong, grounded, flexible and relaxed body and mind. You move your whole SELF, with awareness and spirit in a playful workout.

Modern Jazz Dance : Move differently! Warm up with stretches according to the Simonson technique, followed by a choreography of modern dance; organic, creative and soooooo great for your body!