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You are as young as your spine is flexible.
Joseph Pilates


Pilates is a carefully balanced system of exercise based on the learning material and theory of Joseph Pilates. He developed a series of exercises to improve the balance between strength and flexibility, with the objective of evening out posture and coordination. In the Pilates method, the MAT is used, as well as other aparatus: reformer, cadillac, chair and barrels.

Our team of instructors is trained and qualified in the recognised and internationally highly acclaimed STOTT PILATES® method. STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary (based on current scientific knowledge) anatomical approach to the authentic method. The classes help you become STRONG, flexible and improve your (body) awareness and posture in a creative manner. At the forefront are the possibilities of YOUR body and getting the most out of them!

The instructors keep their knowledge up to date and take refresher courses all over the world on a yearly basis.

Becoming acquainted with, or joining in with the Pilates classes: sign up!

In the Pilates FUNdamentals the basic principles and the first exercises are explained in a leisurely manner, so you can form a sound basis. If you already have experience, you can choose to join a more advanced class. Sign up or ask for more information via the contact form.

Group classes mat

In the FUNdamentals and mat classes we work in small groups (5 to 10 participants) in order to safeguard the quality and care. During classes, we make use of training recources such as flexbands, (Franklin) balls, arc barrels, foam rollers and circles. The mat classes are taught at 3 levels: FUNdamentals (level 1 = intro), intermediate (level 2) and advanced (level 3).

The back CARE class is for those who suffer from back complaints and are unable as yet to join the FUNdamentals class. We work with the basic principles of Pilates and help to activate the core muscle groups in a safe way, so that your trust grows and you can move with less pain.

There is also has a CIRCUIT training class on the timetable, in which you can become acquainted with the aparatus for the price of a mat class!

Small group reformer

We have 5 STOTT PILATES ® reformers: these instruments were ingeniously designed by Joseph Pilates, so that you use your own resistance in order to facilitate AND intensify the exercises.

Private and dual classes

We also offer private and dual reformer classes and it is possible to book private classes with the chair / barrels / cadillac and V2max. This is possible for participants at every level and TAILORMAKE the programme! Sign up or ask for more information via the contact form.

Rehab classes

Booking a halfhour class is possible for those with physical complaints or those rehabilitating from an operation or injury. This specialist class is taught by an instructor trained for this purpose.