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You are as young as your spine is flexible.
Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a carefully balanced system of exercise based on the learning material and theory of Joseph Pilates. He developed a series of exercises to improve the balance between strength and flexibility, with the objective of evening out posture and coordination. In the Pilates method, the MAT is used, as well as other aparatus: reformer, cadillac, chair and barrels.

Our team of instructors is trained and qualified in the recognised and internationally highly acclaimed STOTT PILATES® method. STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary (based on current scientific knowledge) anatomical approach to the authentic method. The classes help you become STRONG, flexible and improve your (body) awareness and posture in a creative manner. At the forefront are the possibilities of YOUR body and getting the most out of them!

The instructors keep their knowledge up to date and take refresher courses all over the world on a yearly basis.


Pilates Mat classes

Lessons are given in small groups, in both the small and the large hall. During the lessons we use aids such as flex bands, (Franklin) balls, arc barrels, foam rollers and circles.

CARE is a lesson for those who suffer from back, neck or want to start after an injury. Working with the basic principles of Pilates, we help you safely activate the muscles of your center, so you can gain confidence and move more pain-free.

Start UP To get acquainted with the Pilates method in a calm way and to be able to apply the basic principles in the lessons AND daily life 

Next Level Do you have no injury and do you know the basic principles and are you experienced with Pilates? Then we will challenge you more with strength and coordination and the speed will increase here and there.

Challenge exercises in every class, up tempo OR deeper inside and let yourself be surprised by an interval class every now and then, who said Pilates doesn't get you hot?

Pilates reformer classes 

We have 6 STOTT PILATES ® reformers: These machines are ingeniously designed by Joseph Pilates, they let your resistance use to make the exercises easier AND more intensive. We also have cardio tramps, hard work guaranteed!

Start UP Introducing the reformer with all possibilities of resistance from all directions. And, as the name of the device indicates: you change your body!

Next Level  Do you have no injury and do you have experience with the reformer? Then we go a step further in this lesson and the lesson in a flow gives you an intensive work out.

Challenge exercises in every class, up tempo OR deeper inside and let yourself be surprised by an interval class or the cardio tramp and let's GO!


Private and dual classes

We also offer private and dual reformer classes and it is possible to book private classes with the chair / barrels / cadillac and V2max. This is possible for participants at every level and TAILORMAKE the programme! Sign up or ask for more information via the contact form.