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Because your body is precious
Jolanda Hoefnagel

BBBB Legs, bottom, stomach and only at K’dans with chest and base as an added bonus!

BBBB boost works! A low-impact warm-up of a simple choreography and then a half hour ALL-OUT with tough (functional) strength and stability exercises (jumping allowed!). An energy BOOST at all levels.

BBBB combi A MIX of high and low impact warm-up to challenge your condition for starters, followed by a combination of exercises for strength, balance and coordination, using a variety of attributes. Every week is different! Suitable for beginners.

BBBB connect A varied class based on the latest insights into the stimulation of connective tissue (fascia): feel connected to your body and improve your movement pattern. Experience the difference!

BBBB extra After the warm-up you discover your core muscle groups, using the Bosu ball, balance pads and other attributes. Thanks to the EXTRA attention to your centre muscles you will feel stronger than ever!

CIRCUIT For those who don’t enjoy choreography! Improve your muscle strength and cardio capacities in a FUNctional manner. The exercises alternate and it is a CHALLENGE to survive… In short: CIRCUIT pushes your boundaries!

HIGH-LOW Choreo For those who do like choreo! A dynamic dance fitness class with an accent on stamina and a challenging choreography. Experience desired!

LES is More Feel at home in your body: a class designed for plus size people, those aged 50 and over, heavily pregnant, or just given birth, back after an injury or just feeling under par… but ever so aware and s t r o n g .

MELT HIT To start your week: after a short, simple warm-up, we build on a foundation of Interval combined with High Intensity Training, interspersed with short breaks. Each exercise is a challenge! The result: greater strength, more freedom of movement and increased flexibility. And then for dessert: 20 minutes of MELT; a great way to calm your system down again, using a soft roller or small ball. It WORKS!

MIX & MATCH This will get you out of bed on a Saturday! A very varied class which will surprise every week and make your body flexible and STRONG: sometimes a choreography or zumba warm-up,  sometimes circuit training, but always a  s m i l e!

STEP For beginners and those with some experience, with attention to coordination, choreography and cardio fitness, all in one! STEP is back!

STOTT PILATES® Boost An intensive class consisting of floor exercises taken from the Pilates method. (We advise people with injuries to take the Pilates Mat or Reformer classes in the Pilates studio upstairs.) 

Total BARRE Using a combination of Pilates, ballet and condition training and a variety of attributes, you work towards flexible, extended muscles, increased strength and stamina. This is a total body workout with the emphasis on the bottom, legs and stomach. You don’t have to be a ballerina for this class, because BARRE is IN!

WEEKEND workout PLUS Old school high intensity training using tubing, body-bars, dynabands and STEP and GO!

Latin VIBES workout combines two essential ingredients to invigorate you after a day’s work: rhythm and an intense, energetic workout. Upbeat latino tunes take you through the simple and vibrating movements; you’ll feel the pleasure for days. See you on the dance floor!