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10 minutes a day keeps the pain away


The MELT  method (developed by physiotherapist Sue Hitzman), offers you a simple way to ease chronic pain and acquire a pain free lifestyle, through the use of a soft roller and small rubber balls.

By means of classes, workshops and master training, you will also learn how to easily get started for yourself, at home. You'll feel the positive effects with just 10 minutes a day!

You will learn to identify tensions in your body and to minimize these, improve your balance almost effortlessly and create more mobility and comfort in movement. You will reduce headaches, improve your quality of sleep and generally feel more comfortable in your own body at any age! Moreover, what would you say to an improved posture AND a positive influence on your sporting achievements?

Jolanda Hoefnagel (level 5 qualified, the first and at the moment still the only instructor in The Netherlands) along with international guest instructors facilitate the workshops, which are regularly on offer outside of the studio. Are you interested in a workshop on location? Please let us know and we can discuss the possibilities.


Come fly! With the hammock as your 'tool' you play with gravity in this masterclass.

By means of inversions (hanging upside down!) and various exercises you train and relax your O...body! The FUN comes first!

Trust & Fly High!


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